3A Ton Duc Thang Street,
Ben Nghe Ward, District 1,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


10:00PM, midnight of July 14th, 2018, bustle Sài Gòn was closing its metropolitan day. Despite that, 29m depth underground with an area of over 3000m3, the warriors of Coteccons Group were on their duties fighting large concrete foundation of B5 basement of The Vertex project, developed by Viet Capital Real Estate. The project comprises 6 basements and 40 floors, and is constructed by semi-topdown method.

The Vertex project has high density of large diameter steel, embedded steel inside core wall, etc. According to information from the Site Management Team, the total volume of concrete to be applied to the massive foundation is 9000 m3 and divided into 6 times pouring.

At 9:30PM, Huynh The Hien greeted us at the gate, cheerfully said: “The foundation of The Vertex, developed by Viet Capital Real Estate is considered one of the deepest foundation in Saigon at now. As it is in the hottest phase, it’s such a good time to visit indeed” as he guided us to equipped necessities for tonight fighting.

At 10:00PM, the first concrete car had arrived to the site. At 10:30PM, the first concrete blocks were poured in, rolled through the steel frame and gradually formed. Each supervisor with each job carefully moved on the iron frame and coordinated their duties.

Mr. Nguyen Dang Thuan, the supervisor, said “Due to the specific location of The Vertex project, it is necessary to ensure at the beginning the construction method as well as the construction supervision must always be careful and not to affect to site and surroundings. We do not allow to be subjective, and must constantly observe for the safety of all workers.”

1:00 AM, the concrete flew out and gradually shaped the surface. At dawn, event getting worn out, team on site were still highly focused to accomplish the goal set.

We left when they were laying out the last sponge for the maintenance of the poured concrete.

After more than 14 hours of tireless work, the Site Management Team had successfully poured the B5 concrete foundation – a remarkble milestone in the process of building The Vertex project.

(Source: Coteccons Group)



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