3A Ton Duc Thang Street,
Ben Nghe Ward, District 1,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Vietnamese developer takes on luxury market

Vietnam’s real estate market is changing dramatically. As a number of mid- to high-end residential projects crop up around the country, the luxury sector is emerging as a separate and thriving entity. According to Knight Frank’s Wealth Report 2017, Vietnam is forecast to see a 170% increase among the wealthy populace over the next ten years – a clear and healthy indicator for luxury developers.

Where foreign investors and developers once reigned, domestic financiers are actively involved in expanding the luxury sector. With a wealth of experience, local expertise, financial strength, and professional management, Viet Capital Real Estate sets out to bring a level of exclusivity to the market for the select few who truly understand it. Enter The Vertex Private Residences – a niche residential development well on track to become a prestigious landmark of lifestyle and luxury in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.

Architectural icon in the heart of District 1

Determined to create a remarkable, artistic, architectural beacon on the Ho Chi Minh City skyline, Viet Capital Real Estate introduced its exquisite landmark destination. Of its name, The Vertex surpasses Viet Capital Real Estate’s original vision and brings new vitality to the urban landscape with a delicate balance of rich tradition and unmistakable modernity.

Situated in the heart of District 1, on the future extension of magnificent Le Loi Boulevard, The Vertex Private Residences’ prime location proves invaluable and incomparable, a privilege no others can claim. With views toward the Saigon River, among The Vertex Private Residences’ most significant assurances of sumptuousness and convenience is its prime positioning on the future metro line. Once complete, it will offer the perfect balance of privacy and access, providing a calm oasis from the urban frenzy that sits directly on its doorstep.

However, no one can create such a masterpiece alone. Seeking an international icon in exclusive, sophisticated, world-class design, Viet Capital Real Estate partnered with New York City’s SOM (Skidmore, Owings and Merrill) Architecture. As top masters of architecture, design, and construction, SOM brought modern breath and refinement to every detail from start to finish, ensuring The Vertex would be the top choice for the city’s most discerning buyers.

The true meaning of “Private Residences”

On the surface, The Vertex is a 40-story office and residential complex, of which, the 10 highest floors are reserved for the Private Residences. In pursuit of quality over quantity, The Vertex Private Residences comprises a limited number of residential suites (36 units), each of which is a truly exclusive living space created with a specific target in mind. Ranging between 200 and 300 square meters, suites within The Vertex Private Residences meet the set standards for space and style associated with the ultra-luxury segment.

As experience and understanding continue to evolve in the market, so, does the perception about what defines a luxury residential suite. Thinking beyond pricing and interiors, The Vertex Private Residences aligns with world trends regarding style and environmental impact. Structural, sustainable, and in strict adherence to the US LEED Gold standard, The Vertex Private Residences is not only impressive and glamorous, but it is also among the most elite in the city.

Ensuring sophistication in even the smallest details, the design team behind The Vertex Private Residences devoted patience, care, and creativity to create a rare contemporary masterpiece of tranquil luxury. Without greed or ostentation, The Vertex Private Residences creates harmony between the most spectacular, luxurious details and architectural design, while maintaining its appeal to owners’ personalities. Owners of The Vertex Private Residences eschew the crowd; instead, they maintain a high standard and pursue only the best for themselves and future generations.

Succeeding beyond the boundaries

Considered a modern development that will elevate the city’s appearance, The Vertex has already received three prestigious awards from the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2018-2019: Best Interior Design Apartment Vietnam, Residential High-rise Development Vietnam and Best Residential High-rise Architecture Vietnam.

The Asia Pacific Property Awards are part of the esteemed International Property Award, renowned worldwide for over 20 years. The award honors organizations and companies with the highest quality of service in the real estate sector across different regions around the world. With strict evaluation and rigorous criteria standards, the assembly of judges selects only the most prominent projects. In addition, The Vertex is the only project to receive Best Interior Design Apartment Vietnam and will proudly represent Asia in the awards ceremony on 3 December 2018 in London, England.

Recognized for its advanced level of luxury in a market of “same-same but different”, The Vertex Private Residences epitomizes an exclusive lifestyle with international-standard amenities and optimized time spent enjoying personal preferences in one’s own residence.

The Vertex Private Residences has fulfilled its mission to refine Ho Chi Minh City’s luxury living standards while redefining luxury real estate.



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